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RJ Kebria is an immensely popular RJ and television presenter of Bangladesh. He started his career as a radio jockey in Bangladesh’s first private FM radio station Radio Today FM 89.6. He worked in the country’s most popular FM radio station Radio ABC FM 89.2 for nine years as a program producer. He currently serves as an executive producer of Dhaka FM 90.4 and television presenter of Maasranga Television.




RJ Kebria completed his Bachelors and Masters in Public Administration from University of Dhaka securing first class in both of his Bachelors and Masters. He recently earned M.Phil from the same University concerning the thesis subject “ROLE OF NGOs IN ENVIRONMENT OF BANGLADESH”.



RJ Kebria made his career debut with hosting an FM show as a radio jockey role in Radio Today FM 89.6. Within a few days, this talented and driven individual took FM industry to a horizon and showed a new era, where listeners witnessed an individual with multi-talented qualities bringing a revolution with creative program and innovative planning. RJ Kebria with his decent accent characterized a hallmark by depicting social taboo and its effect on human sanctity of life. He has conquered the heart of listeners of all ages and made a breakthrough storm by creating a new chapter in radio platform and spontaneously facilitating general public to share their life story to get to know and discover others with a valuable social and moral lesson.

He locked up another successful story in his bag championing Manthan Award with his spirited performance and irresistible charm by contributing role in Lemon24.com-first ever internet radio in Bangladesh.

With his leadership and challenging capability, He executed a crucially important role as a Mentor for BBC in a team involved in teaching conversational English to grass-root public of various remote areas of Bangladesh.

He is now actively involved in electronic media and is currently working in a private television channel called Maasranga Television as presenting an info-entertaining conversation with major public figures of hope and inspiration to the nation.

He also had a dynamic presence in ABC Radio FM 89.2 as hosting confession program that had a great social awareness. He keeps on moving with his show and his dream having great effort to bring the spirit of individual moral uprising and national commitment.  He fabricated a cordial juncture between RJ and Listeners that is beyond imagination.


Radio Today fm 89.6

Starting his career in the FM arena, He entered into FM world as a radio jockey (RJ) in the first private FM radio station of Bangladesh. When people are on the edge of aversion to radio, he phenomenally started contributing to the country’s media revolution for radio audience reviving through innovative program planning, designing, developing and hosting the popular live radio shows named “U-Turn” and “Post Box 9032”. He also worked as a Bengali news presenter for this FM channel. Excellency of beauty with brain and superb voice, He spontaneously aired the most listened-to revival show by attracting more potential audience from 2006 to 2008.

Abc radio fm 89.2:

He performed as a program manager and host of the FM’s highest rated show “Hello 8920” broadcasting live in every Wednesday from 11 pm to 1 am The show aims at providing particularly an anonymous platform to general public to share their life stories with valuable social lessons.

He was also hosting another most-listened-to radio confession shows aptly named “Jaha bolibo satta bolibo” in Bengali language exploring the evil deeds in human life and its consequence. People went for crazy for the show and take them into a realm knitted with filaments of ‘sounds and silences’ and ‘loves and adulation’s. People of all walks of life disclosed how they became guilty of doing bad deeds and what the punishment they had to suffer for their misdoing. A well-known Psychiatrist gave advice to them figuring out the social impact on it.

Crowd oftentimes used to say “Ki sunaila Kebria Bhai!” which means in English “What narrated Kebria bhai!”
He coined some well revised phrase such as “Sahos ache satta bolar?” means in English “Have courage of speaking the truth?” and “Jibon natoker cheyeo natakiya” means “Life is more dramatic than drama” and “Daar mane bhoy” means “Fear means Dread” and “Bajao” means “Tune”.

He had launched another brand new program skillfully named “Janani” in Bengali which remarks all about old home parents and their sorrowful experiences in life. Main focus of this show was to build a good bridge between children and parents.

Though radio listeners knew him as RJ Kebria for his instant drawbacks in FM industry, He was later officially appointed as “Deputy Executive Producer” of ABC radio FM 89.2.


He is currently working as an executive producer at Dhaka FM 90.4 and hosting two brand new programs called “Jibon Golpo” and “Secrets” live in every Wednesday and Sunday from 11 pm to 2 am.

Jibon Golpo broadcasts live exclusively on Dhaka FM 90.4. The show reveals the overlooked and unspoken tragedies of human life: the truth we don’t want to hear, the pain we want to hide deep inside. This radio program helps to give voices to those who literally have no voices. This radio show aims at providing particularly an anonymous platform to general public to share their life stories with changed philosophy of life.

The show endorses the extract of human life through compiling more tragic stories which are closely associated with our practical and real life where people in presence narrate their life stories. The show deals with human problem which occurs every day in outside, family and personal life. The program gives us hope and practical strategies to face the future with knowledge and shows us how to recognize problems as challenges and how to tap all our inner resources to live our life to the full. The powerful aspects of this show giving to the listeners are that the stories are true and come from the person’s own voices.

Each episode reflects a strong innovative platform to fill in the social gap building a good bridge between life and society and creates a positive relationship that gets us rethinking about our social responsibilities. Listeners by hearing the narration get to learn not to create the situation like story-tellers for themselves and their children or for anyone else. The show conquered the heart of listeners of all ages and made a breakthrough storm by creating a new chapter in radio platform.

Every story of this show is pathetic which makes us even cry that indicates that in the absence of social and religious values, these are happening in our society. If family and religious values should be equally effective by knowing the problem set forth herein, we can get rid of unwanted circumstances.

The Secret is also a brand-new creation of RJ Kebria’s most-listened-to challenging reality radio confessional show which broadcasts live in every Sunday exclusively on Dhaka FM 90.4. The show provides listeners an anonymous platform to share their life’s deepest and darkest secret stories with valuable social lessons. This show is responsible to disclose how people commit crimes and what the punishment they had to suffer for their misdoing, which comes from person’s own voice.

The main beauty of this program is not only it presents us the crimes and criminals but also it tells us how a layman became criminal and what factors inspired them to turn into this dark path and eventually how and when they realized that they are in the wrong path.

Self-narrating stories of becoming criminal help all of us either to avoid those situations or to combat if the same background comes before us. A well-known psychiatrist carefully listens to all the stories and breaks the causes behind these evil with explanation, by giving his important evaluation to aggrieved storytellers as well as listeners to avoid these tragedies in their life. The intention of the program is dignified and many people find it very inspiring for them hearing the confessant’s consequence aftermath, which helps them meet to their Ethical standards. They take an oath not to let it happen in their life. Many criminals get inspired from the show to leave the accused dark world and come to the light.

In this context, the show is designed with deep concern for the pain, difficulty and struggle of human existence not to escape from life but cope up with it, by understanding our right ways and avoiding the wrong turn. The listeners have been privileged to receive a simple, workable philosophy of living which opens a new horizon for those whose ways of living are literally closed. The major theme in the show sets against a background of the social and emotional prejudice discrimination, doctrine, corruption, murder, rape, inducement, immoral, infatuation, relationship, anxiety, depression, and stress, by covering the arbitration to the confrontation of human agenda.

Listeners can add an extra dimension to their thinking, attitude, sentiment, and feeling and in their life as a whole. So there is, no doubt, that this show plays a critically important role to draw out the inner significance of our life. The show always builds a conviction on one’s faculty of observation which is inevitable for practicing honesty, integrity and sincerity and working within ethics and legality. This program is simply a practical, personal problematic manual set forth herein. This gives us hope and practical strategies to face the future with knowledge. This shows opens up how to recognize problems as challenges and how to tap all your inner resources to live your life to the full. The show translates a struggle into survival, strength to comeback, and courage to moving forward, ranging from individual to society to national life

The thing that does make a complete sense and the irony that help us realize, lies in that people are receiving inspiration and hope and rediscovering them with human sanctity of life. The message to be received is to let make this world a better place by avoiding the same crimes committed by those people.

Having the best sense of humor, and the stunning sensitivity, this talented anchor with his FM shows make people cry till their eyes get watered. He values the art of connecting listeners with his vocal cords.

For his smashing hits upholding national aspiration and being a constant source of inspiration that exceeds the expectations of the listeners with positive feedback from them, He comes to be known as not just the most committed radio jockey but the most influential epitome as well.


Maasranga Television

RJ Kebria is presenting live program “Ranga Sokal” broadcasts in every five days of a week from 7 am to 9 am. This program is about a significantly contributory to the program background design and content with appropriate focus on highlighting the achievements of Bangladeshi social pioneers in different sectors. The show is critically responsible in each episode for spontaneously facilitating an info-entertaining conversation with the program guests those are major public figures. Since 2011, People since then start their morning with an inspiration and hope.


BBC Media Action, Dhaka, Bangladesh ( 2012 to2013)

RJ Kebria acted as a mentor in a team involved in teaching conversational English to grass-root public of various remote areas in Bangladesh, mainly in the coastal regions of Barisal, Sundarban, and Cox’s Bazar from 2012 to 2013. He implemented every four-days training module through lifestyle attachment program with the beneficiaries such as boatmen, fishermen, and five-star hotel waiters in respective regions and ensured their proper course evaluation. The action was crucially and contextually an innovating training material for improving the livelihood of the participants.

Online Radio


RJ Kebria acted as a program director for Lemon24.com, the first-ever Internet Radio in Bangladesh. This internet based Radio station is primarily responsible for digital content creation, live-show hosting and news reading by devising appropriate marketing strategies for increasing traffic in the innovative platform. As a team leader, he highly credited the channel ensuring the channel’s international recognition by exceptional digital content creation and consequent economic development through championship in the Manthan Award, South Asia 2009 and runner-up in the World Summit Youth Award 2010.



In addition to a well known media figure, RJ Kebria was an adjunct faculty member of University of Liberal Arts in Bangladesh from 2013 to 2017. He discharged his duty as an advisor of campus radio of the university. First campus radio in Bangladesh beautifully named as ‘Radio Campbuzz’ under the department of Media Studies and Journalism plays an important role in combining lesson and providing training for radio activities. SOCA welcomes you all to visit and become part of the most committed and world class multi-disciplined fast-track which offers a place for all who have the desire to learn the most contemporary programs available in Bangladesh.



RJ Kebria is the founder and chairman of Studio of creative arts ltd.

SOCA is a creative framework of home office guidance that adapts and responds to needs and comprises a wide variety of disciplines starting from the basic perspectives of developing the competency required in media world.

The school is highly dedicated to developing the creative and innovative potential of young people through creative learning in ways that are relevant to employability. SOCA knows right time and makes their future by digging up the hidden treasure young minds possess and helping them realize the latent potential you have.

The school offers exclusive creative courses in fine art, electronic media performing arts, presentation demonstrating tactics, and program creating skills and so on.

Students can choose a further academic option of either mathematics, history of art with critical and contextual studies based on experimental philosophy.

All programmes are supported by artistic, cultural and social enrichment activities where participants may study and show their creativity as well.


BD YoungStarz

RJ Kebria is honored as an adviser for BDYoungStarzz.

BDYoungStarzz is firmly focused on the fact that the total of young people not in employment, education or training as it realized that there is a significant mismatch in the ambition of those gaining employment, from the job they get to the vision of what they wish their job role. The main aim of BDYoungStarzz is to produce an authentic ground for providing direction for developments in young people, who need to act in ways that are consistent with their own direction by providing distinguished courses on English Spoken Lessons, Public speaking & Presentation Tips, and Career Tips and so on.

BDYoungStarzz provides individual support on occupational orientation and counseling, to the particular challenges of different young people, in both an informal and formal environment.

BDYoungStarzz includes teamwork, communication, leadership, flexibility and responsiveness, creativity and innovation. In this way youth work contributes to closing the gap between the competences acquired by young people and the needs of the labor market.



RJ Kebria compiled and edited a series of books called “Jiboner Golpo” and his distinguished book called “Jaha Bolibo Satta Bolibo” which found immense popularity, critical acclaim, and commercial success countrywide as readers embraced it cordially.

Readers are found steam into book fair searching for this series by flashing V-sing. Four books consecutively set records marking them the fastest and best-selling books in the country and rokomari.com immediately after its release and still continue to expand with numerous derivative works.

He comprised the books from his shows chronicling the fragmented collection of overlooked hidden streets of human suffering which intimately connected to reality.  The major themes in the series include the social and emotional prejudice, mystery, infatuation, relationship, anxiety, depression, and stress by covering the arbitration to the confrontation of human agenda.

The magical background of these books reveals unleashing structure and genre in updating the glamour of publication.  The cover art echoes the most imaginative job coinciding with somewhat more realistic, illustrating scenes followed by the successive books in the different style in the series.

Fans of the series are so eager for the latest installment that bookstores around the country begin holding events to coincide with the release of the books.

As the series including upcoming book being published in English, The series advocate suited for international readers to grasp the essence of it. The thing that does make a complete sense and the irony that help us realize is that all the profit from the series will be donated among poor students to continue their study in higher perspective.

Despite this series, Kebria along with others has contributed as a co-author to write a chapter titled “ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS IN BANGLADESH” of the book of Public Administration in South Asia: India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. RJ Kebria also wrote a book on E-Voting (EVM) ensuring first ever such a book in the history of Bangladesh.



Jibon Golpo :- Wednesday, 11:00 PM to 01:00 AM, (Dhaka FM 90.4)

Secrets:- Sunday, 11:00 PM to 01:00 AM, (Dhaka FM 90.4)

Microphone Testing:- Saturday, 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM, (Radio Amber FM 102.4)

Ranga Sokal: Tuesday to Saturday 7am to 9am. (Maasranga TV)

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