RJ Kebria compiled and edited a series of books called “Jiboner Golpo” and his distinguished book called “Jaha Bolibo Satta Bolibo” which found immense popularity, critical acclaim, and commercial success countrywide as readers embraced it cordially.

Readers are found steam into book fair searching for this series by flashing V-sing. Four books consecutively set records marking them the fastest and best-selling books in the country and immediately after its release and still continue to expand with numerous derivative works.

He comprised the books from his shows chronicling the fragmented collection of overlooked hidden streets of human suffering which intimately connected to reality.  The major themes in the series include the social and emotional prejudice, mystery, infatuation, relationship, anxiety, depression, and stress by covering the arbitration to the confrontation of human agenda.

The magical background of these books reveals unleashing structure and genre in updating the glamour of publication.  The cover art echoes the most imaginative job coinciding with somewhat more realistic, illustrating scenes followed by the successive books in the different style in the series.

Fans of the series are so eager for the latest installment that bookstores around the country begin holding events to coincide with the release of the books.

As the series including upcoming book being published in English, The series advocate suited for international readers to grasp the essence of it. The thing that does make a complete sense and the irony that help us realize is that all the profit from the series will be donated among poor students to continue their study in higher perspective.

Despite this series, Kebria along with others has contributed as a co-author to write a chapter titled “ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS IN BANGLADESH” of the book of Public Administration in South Asia: India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. RJ Kebria also wrote a book on E-Voting (EVM) ensuring first ever such a book in the history of Bangladesh.